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Мобильное приложение для нотариусов

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Электронная система для заверения документов нотариусами и ведения журнала нотариуса для iOS и Android.

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NotaryAct Official Electronic Journal for Notaries, NotaryAct:



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Функциональные возможности

NotaryAct is the ultimate notary journal. NotaryAct is mobile, cost effective, secure, electronic journaling system to ensure compliance with the National Mortgage Settlement, state notary laws and future legislation. Fully secured, redundant, cloud based solution allows you to create sequential, non-modifiable journal records that comply with electronic journaling regulations. Our mobile application will allow the notary to keep a journal and a business record of notarization that can used to comply with state and federal regulations. NotaryAct has a unique feature that will allow you to scan the back of a signers driver license and let the app read and pre-fill all the signers information directly into the journal entry. No more typing or wasting time. Just scan, tap and send When you move to NotaryAct you will no longer need to use your paper journal. If you do have a paper journal put it in a safe place and start using NotaryAct as your office notary journal. NotaryAct is authorized as a journal replacement in all states except for the following six states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada

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Макет главной страницы проекта

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Внутренние страницы приложения

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